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Here’s all the information you need to help us prepare and produce one of our online funeral ceremonies.

Thank you for taking part. Your contributions really do make all the difference.

Preparing your tributes

Tributes and Eulogies are the heart and soul of a funeral or memorial ceremony. So tell us your favouruite stories and memories. Some suggested questions to get you thinking: What did you admire about the person you’re talking about? What will remind you of them? What did you learn from them? What did you do together? What do you think their legacy will be?

A good length is two sides of A4, or around 3 to 4 minutes of talking. It’s best not to write every word. Try using bullet points to remind you, because your tribute will look and sound much more natural.

Please don’t be afraid to smile or laugh at the good memories. It’s good to have light and shade.

Above all – just be yourself.

Video Tributes

Here’s some useful advice if you’re recording a video:

Pick a spot with good natural light and somewhere without lots of background noise. If you’re inside, don’t sit with a window behind you.

Sit close to the camera for the best audio. Make sure you are sat in the centre of the video and film yourself from the waist up.

Make sure you record the video in landscape, not portrait.

Try to get the camera immediately in from of you rather than recording you at an angle (an iPad on a slanted stand may record you from under the chin, for example).

Ask someone to help by holding the phone or camera for you, but keep it still. Use a tripod is you have one, or alternatively, use the webcam on your PC or laptop. To record the video, use the software that came with your webcam or the app that records video on your device.

Look straight at the camera as if you are talking to a person.

Do a test recording first so you can see what it looks and sounds like.

Your video will be edited, so don’t worry about what’s recorded at the very start and end of the video. We’ll cut that out!

If you make a mistake, stop, pause, and then start again from the beginning of the sentence so I can make the required edit easily.

Audio Tributes

Here’s some useful advice if you’re recording an audio tribute:

Pick a quiet spot to record your tribute with as little background noise as possible.

Avoid rooms with echoes as they sound harsh. A room with lots of soft furnishings works well, like a bedroom.

Speak directly into the microphone but don’t get too close.

Send us photos too

For both video and audio tributes, we also need as many relevant photos as you can send us. We can never have too many! This is really important – we’ll use them to cover you talking. If you have any video clips, even better. Please upload them along with your recorded tributes.

File formats

We can accept standard media file formats such as:


Naming your files

It’s vital that you name your files clearly so we can see who they are from, and who they are about.

For example: Terry Brown Funeral – Video Tribute from John
Or: Terry Brown Funeral – Photo 01 from John White.jpg

Written Tributes

If you’re sending us a brief written tribute, you can email it to us. A short paragraph is perfect. Please attach a photo of yourself, or one of you and the person you are talking about, to your email.

Photo Slideshow

We’ll create a special photo slideshow tribute for the ceremony. To do so, we’ll need your to pick the photos and two songs to accompany them.

We’ll source the music. Just tell us the songs you’d like and leave the rest to us. You can tell us the music choices by email.

A good number of photos to pick for the slideshow tribute is between 60 and 80. You can work out how many photos you’ll need by adding up the duration of the two songs. Allow 5 seconds per photo.

For example: if you have two songs totalling 8 minutes, you’ll need 96 photos.

If you have 6 minutes of music in total, you’ll need 72 photos.

And if you have one song lasting 3 minutes, you’ll need 36 photos.

Please also name these files clearly, eg:Terry Brown Slideshow 01.jpg
Terry Brown Slideshow 02.png

Favourite Photo

Please pick your favourite photo so we can use it to open and close the ceremony, and have it on the screen in the studio too.

Name this file FAVOURITE PHOTO so we can spot it easily.

How to upload your files

Click the button to send us your files.

Please do not send these files to us by email as we cannot accept them this way. Often media files are too big to email, or they are automatically sent in a reduced file size or low resolution which means the quality is too low.

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